NT Labs F.M.G
NT Labs F.M.G
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The NT Labs Koi Care F.M.G Mixture: Formaldehyde and Malachite Green mix

Malachite green and Formaldehyde are the best treatment for common external parasitic infections.

Instead of using these two medications separately, and worrying over incorrect dosing and five day treatment courses etc, why not use F.M.G MIXTURE. This is a strong mixture of the two anti-parasite agents that is applied to the pond or treatment tank once only. The treatment lasts the full 5 days required to kill all free swimming and emergent ecto-parasites.

Caution: Due to the strength of the treatment it only needs to be applied once. However this means it is dangerous to use in ponds containing sensitive fish such as Sterlet, Tench, Rudd or Orfe

Please note: The warnings on the label and handle the product with care.

250mls treats 2000 gals (9092 ltrs)

500mls treats 4000 gals (18184 ltrs)

1 litre treats (36368 ltrs)

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