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Sight Glasses
Sight Glass These Easy to fit and more important easy to clean completely new 'Sight Glass' that you can now include in any 2" or 1.5" Pressure pipe and we can supply the reducing bushes if you are using black Solvent Weld Pipe found in the valve section.Well OK the sight glasses a
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Filter Cages - Stainless Steel ( Male Thread )
These Stainless Steel Filter cages are ideal for K1 conversions, Block built filters, vortex's etc, you could put them at the end of the settlement chamber where the 4 inch pipes go through to the next chamber.For those customers that have coverted there multi chamber filters in to moving Kaldne
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Kockney Koi Filter - Pipe Cages
These Black Solvent Weld Filter - Pipe Cages available in 40mm/50mm – 82mm – 110mm.The Kockney Koi Black Solvent Weld Filter/Pipe Cages help to prevent debris and fish from being drawn into your filter system and are extremely useful if you are planning to incorporate a ‘Mid Water
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