Automatic Fish Feeders

Automatic fish feeders

Automatic fish feeders are designed to feed koi and pond fish at regular timed intervals.

They are ideally used to feed your koi when the the hobiest is on holiday or is too busy to maintain a regular feeding schedule ie if you work away.

Most feeders have timers so as to dispense the correct amount of food at set intervals.
Our Products
The Velda Fish Feeder Pro is a unique fish feeder for all types of food including flakes. Digital programming for feeding frequency and quantity.Velda has carefully considered about the ease of use of the Fish Feeder Pro. The feeding frequency and amount of feed is easy to programme digitally. The d...
The new Aqua Forte koi Feeder now lets you feed your koi up to 6 times a day, no matter if you are at home or away your koi will still eat on time and stay healthy and grow faster.These new Aqua Forte koi Digital Koi Feeders, which are fully CE approved have been designed with the aquatic enthusiast...
These Cloverleaf Auto Fish Feeders are electronic computerised auto fish feeders they are a breakthrough in both sophistication and exceptional value for the money, and will be appreciated by all pond keepers who either have frequent holidays, or by those who are away from their ponds during most o...
evolution aqua evofeed automatic fish feeder
Evolution Aqua EvoFeed Automatic is an automatic fish feeder suitable for medium and large ponds.
superfish automatic koi fish feeder
Super Fish Koi Feeder is an automatic koi feeder the can be programmed to feed up to 4 times per day.
These FOK Auto Fish feeders are definately one of the best koi feeders available and is manufactured in Japan. These feeders are extremely versatile. You can feed your koi every 10 minutes if you wanted to in a 24 hour interval. The feeder can also dispense a numerous amount of feed per feeding as ...
kamihata solar powered koi feeder
The Japanese Kamihata Solar Powered Koi Feeder is one of the most popular selling Koi feeders in Japan and now these truly amazing Koi Feeders are here in the UK.
Koi Cafe Auto Fish Feeder
The Koi Cafe Automatic Fish Feeder has been developed as the industry's first automated feeder for feeding ornamental fish. All you have to do is simply set the Koi Cafe,s battery powered timer (you can determine how much Koi Food goes to the fish per feeding also you can control when those feed...
Linn Profi Automatic Fish Feeders have been developed as an alternative to the clockwork feeders!The Profi Automatic Feeder has many applications, including Fry feeding, Feeding of koi and ornamental fish, Hobby ponds - At an unbeatable price!The special mechanism of the new Profi Automatic Feeder h...
Londa Automatic Pond Fish feeder with unique brush dispenser.With this pond feeder you can automatically feed your fish. The feeder is battery operated so easy to install anywhere. Simply place the feeder on the edge of the pond and the brush dispenser will spread the food over the pond.Londa Automa...
Superfish Auto Feeder is ideal when regular feeding is essential if you want to have healthy, attractive fish.
This Velda Fish Feeder 2500ml has been designed to supply fish with the quantities of food that they require up to 8 times, every 24 hours. The dosage and frequency can be easily programmed, which will help your fish stay healthy and obtain optimum growth.These Fish feeders has a built in worm screw...
Xclear Econfeeders are ideal for feeding your fish using an automatic fish feeder has many advantages. you get the most out of your fish by always precisely providing the correct amount of feed.
This ensures optimal growth. as the feed is dosed in smaller amounts at a time, this has a beneficial e...