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Due to the recent announcement regarding the Corona Virus Epidemic Koi Zone has made the decision to close online purchases, and to close the shop to all walk in customers for the next three weeks, in the hope of protecting you, me and our families.
May I take this opportunity to thank all my customers for your ongoing support, and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

All Orders upto the 25th March Have all Gone out we Have No Outstanding Orders  

Please stay safe.


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View our Koi for sale
View Koi Zones selection of High Grade Japanese koi for sale from various japanese koi breeders all koi are fully quarantined and regulary health checked.
Aeration For Koi Ponds
All Koi Ponds will benefit from some form of Aeration - Ponds need a plentiful supply of oxygen
Automatic Fish Feeders
Automatic fish feeders are designed to feed koi and pond fish at regular timed intervals
Blanketweed Treatments
Blanketweed String algae in the koi pond or water garden is a problem that affects most of us which will spoil the enjoyment of the pond.
Hose And Fittings
Buy a whole range of pond hoses and fittings direct from our shop
Koi Books and DVDs
Full range of Koi Books and Koi DVDs all available from Koi Zone
Koi Food
Koi Food available direct from Koi Zone - Koi Fish Food of various manufactures kept in stock
Koi Medications
Koi medications which cover a wide variety of problems as every pond owner with koi fish, at some time or another, will probably have to medicate their pond.
Koi Nets and Koi Bowls
Koi nets & Koi Bowls to suit all pockets are available from Koi Zone.
Microscopes - Full range available for parasite identification - Binocular Microscopes & Monocular Microscopes.
Miscellaneous Pond Items
All pond related items - such as Koi gifts - Koi Art - Koi Posters and various other pond accessories
Pond Construction
Pond Construction then come to Koi Zone the one stop shop for all your pond items and advice.
Pond Defence
Keep your Koi & pond Fish safe from predators with heron decoys & other predator control products
Pond Electrical
Pond electrics accessories to help run all your pond equipment safely. We have a range of switchboxes and joint boxes from blagdon, yamitsu and kockney koi
Pond filter Media
Pond Filter Media of different varieties are suitable for use in large or small pond filters all supplied via Koi Zone.
Pond Filtration
Koi Zone are specialise in Koi Pond Filtration which is no doubt the heart of a pond most important part about any successful Koi Pond or pond Installation
Pond Fountains
Pond Fountains are excellent for adding surface spray which helps to break up stagnant water and adds extra aeration to pond as well as the visual effects.
Pond Lighting
Pond Lighting of various types are available at excellent prices from our website
Pond Heating
Koi Pond Heating benefits are, less stress on koi, continued feeding during cold spells, the koi's immune system not suppressed and filters stay active
Pond Liners
Pond Liners and Boxweld Pond Liners such as Butyl, SealEco Greenseal EDPM, Firestone and Pvc. all of which are available in a vast range of sizes to suit.
Pond Pumps
Pond Pumps of various type such as submersible, dry run, fountain pumps and fiolter pumps are available to purchase from our Koi Zone Shop or via our website.
Pond Skimmers
pond skimmers are a very important piece of equipment for any pond which tends to get overlooked at time of construction.
Pond Thermometers
Pond thermometers are one of the most invaluable and simple instruments used to help in maintaining your Pond and Quarantine tank.
Pond Vacuums/Pond Cleaning
Pond Vacuums for pond cleaning are one of the best pieces of kit you could purchase for your pond maintenance to keep your pond clean and healthy for your koi
Pond Water Testing
Pond Water tests for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH and temperature should be done on a regular basis.
Quarantine Tanks & Koi Vats
A quarantine tank should be used as all new Koi that you get should be quarantined. A Koi can harbor a parasite, bacteria or virus without showing any symptoms
Pond UV Clarifiers
Pond Ultra Violet Clarifiers to control Algae and clear up green water.various brands available at excellent prices at Koi Zone
Water Features
Water feature are available at excellent prices direct from our website
Water Purification
Water Purification for Koi Ponds
Water Treatments
Pond water treatments to help your pond filters and pond thrive

Koi For Sale

We stock a wide variety of Koi at very competitive prices

Welcome to Koi Zone

We stock a full range of goods on premises ie Pond Heaters, Pressure Pipe, Solvent Weld Pipe and Fittings, Heaters, Pond Pumps, Water Test Kits, Pond Treatments & much much more. We now stock a range of Aquarium Products - which includes Aquarium foods - Hikari Cichlid, Goldfish & Tropical & Marine Fish Foods. We are have working models of Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve with the Latest better flow E A K1 Bead Filter Running our main 3500 gallon display pond fed by Aquauforte Vario Flow Pump giving excellent clarity and water conditions. You are welcome to view these working models at our Romford premises.

Free Local Deliveries On Nexus Eazy 320 & Nexus Eazy 220 Pond Filters eves and weekends.

Our premises incorporate individually filtered fibreglass Koi sales tanks indoors and out containing Healthy High Grade Japanese Koi. So if you are looking for that stunning Koi to compliment your pond, advice about koi health and pond treatments then why not come and visit us. You will find our prices very very competitive. Koi Zone are open daily but please call just to make sure someone is here so as we can assist you.

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