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Kusuri Koi Surgical Kit
This Koi Sugical Kit is supplied in a handy zipped case, which will hopefully comtain everything you need when performing minor surgical procedures.Kit consists of: tweezers, scalpel blades, handle, radius scissors, butterfly probe, single inspection probe....
Latex Powederfree Disposable Gloves
Latex gloves have a good overall strength and are generally favoured for their tactile properties and resistance to a wide range of chemical solutions. They are non-sterile and are suitable for non-invasive procedures such as treating your pond with chemicals and for treating wounds such as ulcer si
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Tweezer Set Stainless Steel (4 Piece)
These superb Tweezer sets are manufactured in Stainless steel and will prove invaluable and should be in every koi keepers tool kit.Quality Stainless Steel Treatment Kit housed in a handy pocket sized plastic case. The kit contains instruments that can be used for a broad spectrum of jobs needed to
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