Pond and Fish Microscopes

Aquarium and pond fish kept in an artificial environment are particularly prone to parasitic infestations even in the most careful situations.

For a mixed population tropical tank this can be devastating and for the Koi carp keeper a nightmare. Good housekeeping is always the starting point, but often the slightest imbalance in any number of factors can result in the almost spontaneous appearance of parasites ranging from the common Ich in the aquarium, to the more serious Costia and Trichodina in Koi carp, not to mention fungus and louse infestations.

Microscopes are ideal for finding what parasite you need to treat for. Instead of just bunging in all types of medication and crossing your fingers.
Our Products
The Novex LED Junior microscopes stand for quality and reliability. Much attention has been given to the mechanical and optical components. The Novex LED Junior microscope is very well priced despite the usage of high quality materials and is perfect for entry level.Head - Monocular rotatable tube 1...
These Microscope Glass Slides come with 50 in a Pack.Use with cover slip, place cover slip on top of mucus or object to be examined.Slides 3" x 1"...
These Glass Slide Covers are used to sandwich object or mucus between slide and cover slip. 100 in pack - 18mm x 18mm - approx...
The Novex BIO Blue 4240 Microscope was specificaly developed for education with a special attention for ergonomy and quality. The eyepieces are secured and equipped with an adjustbale specimen protection.These Novex BIO Blue 4240 Microscope were specificaly developed for education with a special att...