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aquaforte garden sniper
AquaForte Garden Sniper
AquaForte Garden Sniper is a effective protection against various animals in and around your garden pond.
velda laser guard pond pest deterrent
Velda Laser Guard Pond Pest Deterrent
The Velda Laser Guard tackles pond pests with ease, and provides a wide array of equipped gadgets to keep them away from your fish.
Superfish Bird-Cat Scarer
Superfish Heron, Bird & Cat Scarer
The Superfish Heron scarer detects the heat and movement of unwanted visitors and uses a powerful spray to harmlesly scare animals and birds away.
Super Fish Pond Cover Nets
Superfish Pond Cover net with ground pegs/pinsThese Superfish pond cover nets helps to prevent, such as leaves, from entering your pond and polluting the water. It also protects your fish from herons and cats.Sizes available: 3 x 2m, 3 x 4m, 4 x 4m, 5 x 4m, 6 x 4m and 10 x 6m.Fine mesh (12mm).Flexib
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VT Pond Cover Nets
VT Pond Cover with ground pegs. With this cover net you can protect your pond in autumn against pollution caused by falling leaves. Also, keep helps keep uninvited guests such as Herons away from your pond. Bag Contains:1 x cover net1 x set ground pegsAvailble Sizes:3m x 2m - 6m x 3m - 6m x 5m &
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kockney koi pond cover nets
Kockney Koi Pond Cover Nets
Kockney Koi Cover Nets are perfect to stop leaves polluting the pond
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