Pond Liners

Pond Liners

Here at Koi Zone we recomend Gordon Low Pond Liners. They are all premium branded pond liners and all carry a lifetime guarantee against faulty manufacture and will not breakdown from the suns rays.

Koi Zone can supply a range of quality pond liners such as Butyl, EDPM, Firestone and Pvc. which are available in a vast range of sizes from small ponds to lake liners.

To figure your pond liner size use our Pond Planning Calculator or take your measurements:

1. Maximum width
2. Maximum length
3. Maximum depth

Now take your maximum depth and multiply this number by 2. Take this figure and add 2 for your overhang (this is counted as 1' for each side multiplied by 2). Now take your total and add to your maximum width and add the same number to your maximum length. You will most likely need to round up to match one on the pre-cut liner sizes.
Here is an example: Maximum width = 5' Maximum length = 10' Maximum depth = 2.5' (2 x's 2.5' = 5' + 2 = 7) (7 + 5 = 12' width) (7 + 10 = 17' length) So you would need a liner close to 12' x 17'.
Our Products
The Box weld Pond Liners are now definateley the preferred option, as this method eliminates the ugly creases when trying to fit a standard 2 dimensional Pond liner in to a square or rectangle hole. A Boxwelds are a bespoke Pond liner cut and welded to the exact shape of your new pond, no more creas...
These Butyl pond liners are made from a premium,synthetic rubber. These pond liners are recommended by the leading European water gardening experts. Butyl Pond Liners have been field tested for more than forty years within hundreds of thousands of installations throughout the world, varying in size ...
This SealEco Greenseal EDPM Pond Liner is a new high quality alternative to butyl liner.It is the same thickness as butyl, making it just as flexible and tough but it made from a different type of rubber, meaning the price is much lower.If you were looking to buy butyl but the price is just too high...
Polyfelt Pond Underlay TS40 and TS60 are mechanically bonded non-woven geotextiles made of UV stabilised polypropylene. Our geotextile underlays offer exceptionally high performance and provide a highly effective protective barrier between substrate and liner.It is recommend that this underlay is us...
Gold Label Pond Liner Repair Patch are made from the best quality butyl liner and adheres to the liner using the Gold Label Pond and Aquarium Sealer sold seperately.The Pond Liner Repair patch will have the same lifespan as the existing liner.Available Sizes:Small size is 140mm x 190mm or 5.5in x 7....