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Koi Food

The Koi Food eaten by koi these days are a manufactured pellet, normally in the wild koi eat both animal and plant matter, Koi are classified as omnivorous. Koi cannot eat a large amount of food at one time because they do not have stomachs. Since Koi can’t eat too much at one time, they spend a lot of time looking for more food to eat. Koi will actually eat anything that is small enough for them to actually swallow whole.

Hand feeding your fish, though, can be a pleasant experience for both you and for your Koi. Instead of throwing the Koi food into the pond, you should consider taking a few extra minutes to place the food in the water in the same area every day.
If you place the food in the same area every day the Koi will adjust to the routine, and will, with time, become friendly.

They will even become trusting enough to be hand fed. It has even been noted by some owners of Koi that the fish actually recognize their steps and follow them around the edges of the pond. Although taming and training your Koi will be a gradual process, it can be a very rewarding experience. By spending the extra time with your Koi, you will also be able to recognize any problems very early.

Often times, Koi owners do not realize the importance of the feeding process. Not only should you give consideration to the amount of food and the time you feed, but you will also need to give consideration to the combinations of food that are essential for healthy and colorful Koi.

Koi food is divided into five categories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
Water Temp. (°F.)
Feeding Frequency
Food Type
Less than 50ºF.
Do not feed Koi.
Temperatures at 50° F. of more than one month may require supplemental feedings of low protein and high carbohydrates.
2-3 times a week if Koi are hungry.
High carbohydrate, low protein, laxative type foods. Wheat germ, Cheerios®, squash, lettuce and brown bread.
4-5 times per week if Koi are hungry.
Add low protein (25%) pellets along with vegetables. Increase quantities gradually as temperature increases.
Once per day six days per week.
Low protein (25%) pellets along with high carbohydrate vegetables and fruit.
Once per day every day.
Gradually increase protein in pellets (35%) and quantity of pellets. Vary diet with vegetables and fruit. 
Once or twice per day.
Bulk of diet should be 35% protein pellets. Add fruits, vegetables, and plankton for variety.
3 to 4 times per day.
High protein pellets (35% to 40%) with color enhancers. Add plankton, vegetables, fruits, and shrimp.