kiyomizu junior - 4.5 mm
Kiyomizu Junior - 7 kgs - 4.5 mm Pellet
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KIYOMIZU JUNIOR - Life stage Koi food has the best ingredients for your Koi during the different stages of their lives.

Young or “Junior” Koi need a good start to become magnificent adult and jumbo koi. They need highly digestible proteins to grow, vitamins and minerals to develop good body and bone structure, and balanced health-supporting and immunity-boosting ingredients. Kiyomizu Junior provides exactly what young Koi need!

Kiyomizu life stage Koi food, a new concept in the Koi hobby

The Koi hobby has been developing constantly due to improved knowledge about food, water quality and pond design. Over the last few decades, we have created growth food, color food, health food, winter food, extra growth, extra color, supreme health, etc. It turns out Koi need a bit of everything and we learned that it is important not to feed them too much of anything! For our other pets  it has become common practice to feed special food to the young animals (puppies, kittens, bunnies, etc.) and then to give them different food when they are adults and then  to take extra special care of senior pets. This is no different for koi. Kiyomizu has created three formulas for the three life stages of Koi to give them exactly what they need during each stage, and most of all, to avoid giving them excessive amounts of specific ingredients that will do more harm than good.

So what makes Kiyomizu so special ?

Over the years, we have learned that Koi need to be fed according to their age. This ensures that Koi get what they need but also that the water quality will remain optimal. You can feed the best Koi food but water quality is just as important for health and growth. Kiyomizu has special ingredients to promote optimum digestion and absorption of the ingredients. Kiyomizu’s formulation also helps maintain water quality and reduce biological waste.  

To develop Kiyomizu, we took broke down all the building blocks in the best Koi foods on the market and created a new concept that provides Koi with precisely the right amounts of ingredients based on their age. We studied new developments in food production and were able to make many very important improvements to all existing Koi foods.

So what are the special ingredients in Kiyomizu?
  •  Highly digestible protein
  •  Pre- and Probiotics
  • Organic-bound vitamins and minerals
  • Special algae products providing building blocks for Omega 3
  • Montmorillonite clay
  • Yeast extracts
  • Digestion-improving ingredients
Pellet size and feeding instructions:

Junior  4.5 mm for Koi up to 25 - 35cm

Kiyomizu’s pellet size has been designed to fit the smallest mouths in each life stage of your Koi. If you have Koi of varying sizes in your pond, we recommend that you start with the largest pellets first and wait until the larger Koi take their first mouthful and start chewing (2 - 4 minutes on average) before you feed the smaller-sized pellets. You can repeat this a few times, but keep to a total feeding time of 10 minutes per day. During the summer, you may feed 2 to 3 times per day.
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