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Kusuri Sinking Pellet Koi Food
The Kusuri Sinking Pellet has been formulated as an all season koi food, which is suitable for a wide variety of bottom feeding pond fish, including Goldfish, , Sterlets, Tench, Catfish, etc.This sinking pellet has been prepared using special temperature cooking and 'expander' technology. Th
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Kusuri Premium FPF1 - Koi Food
This Kusuri Premium FPF1 is the most popular food in the entire Kusuri range.The Kusuri Premium FPF1 has been formulated as a very high quality, highly medicinal, immune enhancing, floating Koi food.Todays market has a wide choice of Koi foods, so what makes you decide on one over another. Price? Re
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Kusuri Wheatgerm - Winter Koi Food
The Kusuri Wheatgerm Koi Food has been especially formulated, now with increased garlic and wheatflour free, to aid digestibility.This Kusuri wheatgerm formula contains the high nutrient ingredients included in the Premium formula, such as krill, kelp, garlic, propolis and optimum. Kusuri Wheatgerm
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Kusuri Multi Seasons - Koi Food
The Kusuri Multi-Seasons is the most versatile of the Kusuri foods range, which is rapidly gaining a deserved reputation for amazingly low waste from your fish.In most koi foods Wheat flour is a major carbohydrate constituent , and is almost impossible for the Koi to digest. Kusuri Multi seasons has
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Kusuri Growth Koi Food
The Kusuri Growth Food was developed following on from years of research, Kusuri have developed new Kusuri Growth food.Kusuri Growth Koi Food consist of the highest quality proteins to promote rapid growth, without the risk of any build up of fat deposits inside the body of the fish.As usual with al
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Kusuri Supersilk - 20 - Koi Food - 5 kgs
The Kusuri Supersilk - 20 manufactured with a very special recipe that includes 20% Silkworm Pupae.This Kusuri Silkworm protein has been acknowledged by Japanese breeders as tthe ultimate ingredient for feeding and for colour improvement of Koi,Kusuri Supersilk Silkworm pupae have a unique type of p
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Kusuri Kolor Koi Food
Kusuri Kolor Food is the latest addition to be added to the Kusuri food range. Kusuri Kolor has been specially formulated to improve the depth and colour of your Koi. Kusuri have added Paprika and Spirulina to this high palatable, low waste food. Guaranteed to improve the beauty of your Koi.Availabl
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Kusuri Staple Koi Food
This Kusuri Staple Koi Food is a high quality floating pellet food, which contains all of the necessary ingredients for healthy Koi & coldwater fish.The Kusuri Staple food can be mixed with any of the Kusuri food range, to vary your fishes diet. Best to feed sparingly below 10C (50F). Only feed
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