This Yamato Nishiki Koi Food is a ecomony koi food, which has a unbelievable list of ingredients for the price.

The Yamato Nishiki is manufactured by The Japanese Pet Food Company who alsoare suppliers of Medicarp & Nobori. Yamato Nishiki is a high quality protein koi food which is still kept at these reasonable prices? This is a protein array that's not matched by any other food on the market. All aquatic animal protein as the top main ingredients, PLUS the color enhancers in astaxanthin.

High quality Yamato Nishiki koi food. which is Highly nutritive, accelerating growth of Koi Has natural components and appetite stimulants. Astaxanthins produce colour on par with fish in sunny greenwater ponds without the green water!

You only need to feed the amount of Yamato Nishiki that your Koi collection will consume in about five minutes. Koi do not have a formal stomach per se, so they will pass into their intestines any undigested food which is fed in too great an amount. Do not feed this food in water which is, or will soon be below fifty degrees fahrenheit.
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Yamato Colour Enhancing Koi Food
This Yamato Koi Food - A good high quality colour enhancing Koi food.The Yamato Koi Food contains Astaxanthin which makes red redder and vitamin C makes white whiter. These ingredients make a shiny beautiful body. This food is formulated with the proper quantity astaxanthin.Yamato is a High Digestib
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