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Profi Pond Heaters have been manufactured for the koi hobbiest at an affordable price.

Installation of this Profi heater is very straight forward and can be plumbed into any existing pond pipework system.

The Profi pond heater comes complete with wall mounting brackets, 2 standard hose tails.

It has a quality stainless steel constructed inner case, heating element and temperature probe.

The Profi heaters have a fully calibrated thermostat for easy control of the temperature up to 40 degrees celsius.

The Profi Electric Pond Heaters inlet and outlets are made to take a 1.5 inch male threaded connector or a 1.5inch threaded hosetail.

It is very simple to fit these Profi Pond heaters into your system, and have it running, in just a few hours.

Sizes Available:
• 1 kw Suitable for pond up to 1000 gallons.
• 2 kw Suitable for pond up to 2000 gallons.
• 3 kw Suitable for pond up to 3000 gallons.

WARNING: If your system is a PUMP FED system - then you MUST make provisions to be able to REMOVE THE HOSETAILS once per month to enable you to 'FLUSH' out the body of the Heater using the normal hose pipe .. Failure to do this simple task will cause debris and waste matter to collect on the element which (if not removed) in time may cause the element to burn out.

These Profi Pond heater are a real professional piece of equipment and comes with a two year guarantee.