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The Yamitsu Submersible pond pumps have been designed to handle 6mm solids give very low running costs, combined with a two year guarantee at an affordable black.

The Yamitsu pond pumps low wattage makes them very economical and they come with a 2 year guarantee.

Yamitsu Wattpump - a Surface Mount Pond Pump - Excellent Value pump.
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These Yamitsu Submersible Pond Pumps have been designed to offer the customer very low running costs,combined with a two year guarantee at an affordable prices.Features:Low running costs,Can handle upto 6 mm solids.High performance submersible pumpsCustom built for pond market,& are Highly effic...
The Yamitsu 400 Wattpumps range were custom designed for use on Koi ponds.Wattpumps are built to deliver large volumes of water whilst maintaining high pressure levels. This is a fundamental requirement for a good filtration system.These pumpsare a highly efficient design, ensures high performance w...