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Oase Bitron C UVC Replacement UV Bulbs
Genuine Oase Replacement uv bulbs use only the highest materials in their replacement bulbs, and by using high-quality UVC lamps guarantees a long service life.For best results replace the Oase Bitron UVC lamp after one season in order to guarantee the full strength capacity of the UVC light wavesBy
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18 watt replacement Lamp For Eazy Pod
Replacement 18 WATT PLL UV BULB - Suitable for pond filter and UV Units (Not blagdon).Ultra-Violet Lamps Should Be Replaced Every 12 Months.Length: 215mm (220mm including pins)These are the direct replacement Evolution Aqua sell to replace in Eazy Pods...
Osram Replacement UV Lamps - Uv Tubes
Osram Replacement UV lamps for practically any UV system.These are one of the most integral parts of your overall filtration system, yet we often forget to maintain it as time goes by. It is best to replace your UV lamps at start of the season once a year to maintain peak performance.Standard Bi-Pin
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