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Glass Fibre Repair Kit
The Bonda Glass Fibre Repair Kit is normally used to repair permanently, holes, cracks, and splits in many materials. G.R.P, metal, wood, concrete and brick.It will also bond to some plastics but not the oily types. P.V.C. polypropylene. Nylon - Note it will dissolve polystyrene (A.B.S).Bonda Resin
Wizard Fibres 1 kg
This Black knight Wizard Fibre is a very fine glass fibre which has been designed specifically for mortar or concrete reinforcement. It has been in use for decades in specialised architectural and construction projects where very high performance is required to with stand sustained stresses or harsh
Rein Fibres 1 kg
These polypropylene fibres have been used in cement renders for over twenty five years, they are mixed into the render and the random alignment of the fibres increases its tensile strength which prevents cracking and flaking. The high cement content also reduces the permeability of the render.The re
Bonda Glass Reinforced Filler Kit 400 g
The Bonda Glass Fibre Reinforced Filler is one of the most useful 'tins of power' you can have.It is a rapid hardening resilient filler with high glass fibre content. Very good and useful for sealing round pipes and bottom drains etc in a concrete constructed pond and ideal for repairing fra