Pond Vacuums

Good pond maintenance is an essential requirement for keeping healthy fish.

Koi Zone Supply a selection of Pond Vacuums for pond maintenance to help keep your pond clean and healthy.

There are always things to do to keep your pond healthy & attractive.

But particularly in spring & autumn you must clear the pond of excessive plant remains and vacuum sludge out, in order to maintain the biological balance.

Nets can help keep the water free of falling leaves.

Our range of pond vacuums are ideal for this purpose.
Our Products
Boyu pond Vacuum
The Boyu Pond Vac is an excellent powerful pond vacuum which can remove the sludge, weeds, leaves, debris & even stones at the bottom of the pond with 8500L/Hr pump. Remote. with a long handle and light weight easy for anyone to use and you will be pleased with the results.This powerful pond vac
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