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Kusuri Dechlorinator
The Kusuri Dechlorinator is a very active & economical remover of chlorine and chloramine from public tap water supplies.Reasons to use: Chlorine burns gill filima and will kill beneficial nitrifying bacteria within the pond and filter system.Use Kusuri Dechlorinator when doing any water change
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Kusuri Klay
This Kusuri Klay now widely used throughout the world, is a beneficial weekly pond additive.The Kusuri Klay is a fine white powdered product that when added to any pond environment will release minerals through ion exchange.Kusuri Klay also is a positive benefit to health as fish adsorb minerals in
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Kusuri Pro-100 - 500 mls
Kusuri Pro-100 Kusuri Pro-100 will help against the number of dangerous pathogenic strains of bacteria like Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Ecoli etc. that can cause catastrophic fish losses in ponds through infection of wounds, ulcers etc. Kusuri Pro-100 is an effective preventative water treatment that do
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Kusuri Super C Special Filter Cleanser
The Kusuri Super C Special Filter Cleanser increases hygiene and Breaks down organic waste accumulation in filter and pond systems.Super C Special is a high performance hygienic cleaner, developed to assist in the maintenance of optimum conditions in the pond and filter system.This Kusuri Super C Sp
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