Oase Bitron Pond Ultra Violet
The Oase Bitron C UV clarifiers are some of the best UV algae treatments that money can buy. Each unit is designed perfectly to effectively and efficiently fight the blooms of algae that cause green water. The Bitrons have intelligent UVC technology, algae, pathogens and bacteria are safely reduced by exposure to UV radiation.

The Oase Bitron C range all feature bypass technology which allows you adjust the flow of water that passes over the UV bulb via a throttle handle - simple and effective. This also makes it possible to set the optimal flow rate for your pond filtration systems. Like with all UV Clarifiers, build ups of Algae, fish waste, and other pond pollutants can reduce the UVC radiation by blocking out the rays. However, the innovative cleaning mechanism in the Bitron C range ensures simple, fast, and long-term cleaning of the UVC light source:

Each Bitron C unit utilises built-in magnets to protect the unit from potentially harmful lime deposits which can assume a crystalline form under the thermal development of the UVC 
light, blocking the algae from receiving the full UV treatment. If left unchecked in an ordinary, budget UVC, these lime structures can damage the bulb, putting it out-of-action, or worse they can block the rotor in your pump, causing costly repairs. These magnets are a permanent fixture of the Oase Bitron design, and prevent these crystals from ever forming, protecting your filtration system and guaranteeing the longevity of the clarifier.

To help you take further care of your pond water, all Bitron range UVC clarifiers feature an indicator light or a control window, letting you know how effective the current bulb is running and alerting you to when you should think about changing the bulb (usually every 6 months as the UV output naturally decreases).

Bitron Bulbs should be changed every 10,000 hours of operation to maintain optimum running, however the light indicator will help you to know when it's time.

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