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Roccal Wound Cleaner
Kusuri Anti Bac 100mls
The Kusuri Anti Bacterial Ulcer/Wound Solution is an alcohol solution based on highly effective Acriflavine, this treatment will penetrate any wound taking the active acriflavine with it.Other water-based products will just wash off, our alcohol based product is absorbed into the surface layers of t
Kusuri Top Coat Sealer 50ml
This Kusuri Top Coat Sealer is a liquid sealer with anti-bacterial properties.Use as a final coating over treated wounds and split fins, etc.Available in 50ml bottles....
Kusuri Ulcer Wound Abrasion Kit
This Kusuri Ulcer Wound Abrasion Kit complete topical treatment kit with everything you need for treating wounds and ulcers.Kit comprises of:1 x 150ml of Masuizai Koi Sedate1 x 100ml Roccal Wound Cleaner1 x 100ml Anti-Bac1 x 100ml Spare bottle1 x 25 Grams of Orahesive sealer powder1 x 50ml Top Coat
Propolis Spray 60 mls
The Propolis treatment is natures natural defender, containing high potency bioflavanoids from bee propolis.This is a non-chemical product for use as a food additive.A larger bottle suitable as a food additive can be found can be found in Other Medications...
NT Labs Paramedic Kit Box
NT Labs Paramedic Kit
These NT Labs Paramedic Kit are quite simply first aid for fish.The kit comprises of everything you will possibly need to treat a wound and look after your fish when they need help.Comes complete with a detailed instruction booklet, so as you will be able to quickly diagnose a parasitic infection an