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colombo ammonia pond test kit
Colombo Ammonia Pond Test Kit
Ammonia (NH3) is excreted by fish directly into the water, and is also released from the breakdown of solid waste and uneaten food. Ammonia is highly toxic to fish, but is usually removed from the water by the bacteria which live inside the filter.
colombo Phosphate pond test kit
Colombo Phosphate Pond Test Kit
Colombo phosphate pond Water test kit, Phosphate is a major nutrient for all plants but too much can also result in excessive algae growth.
colombo Nitrite pond test kit
Colombo Nitrite Pond Test Kit
​Colombo Nitrite Pond Test Kit, Nitrite (NO2) is produced from the breakdown of ammonia in the filter.
colombo pH pond test kit
Colombo pH Pond Test Kit
Colombo pH pond test kit, pH is a measure of how acidic your pond water is. Fish do not like fluctuating pH levels, and some need to be kept at specific pH levels.
colombo KH pond test kit
Colombo KH Pond Test Kit
Colombo KH Test Kits will help you ensure the correct Carbonate Hardness (KH) is maintained in your pond.
colombo Nitrate pond test kit
Colombo Nitrate Pond Test Kit
Colombo Nitrate Pond Test Kit (NO3), is produced from the breakdown of nitrite in the filter.
Colombo Quick Test Pond Kit
Colombo Quick Test Pond Kit is a complete test strip kit for quickly checking the pH, KH, GH, Nitrite and Nitrate in aquarium and pond water.
Colombo Pond Test Lab Professional
Colombo Pond Test Lab Professional
These Colombo water tests Kit's will test for the six main water parameters: pH, GH, KH, NO2, NO3, & NH3.The Kit included test tubes, instruction card and record form which make water testing very easy.Columbo Water Test Kits come with convenient plastic case for ideal storage.The Colombo ti
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