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Kockney Koi Pond Filter Media Bags
Filter Media Sacks 32 inch. x 21 inch. x 1 pack of 4
These Pond Filter Media Sacks are very useful to aid to bagging up, Flocor or Alfagrog. You may even soak k1 (Kaldnes) in these Media sacks to help seed the media up!The Filter Media Sacks are made from a plastic resin base, they are very strong and are ideal for all filter media these sacks can be
Filter Media Grid - 68cm (27-in.) x 40cm (16-in.)
These Pond Filter Media Grids can be cut or joined to suit any filter.Most customers will use these grids to support media such as Flocor and AlfagrogSize: 68cm (27") x 40cm (16")...
Filter Media Perforated Sheet
The Filter Media Perforated Sheets are ideal to convert multi bay filters to run Crystal Bio submerged or K1, K3 or BioCell moving media's.Filter Media Perforated sheet is easily cut to suit the size of the job in hand.Size: 1 metre x 1 metre x 3mm...