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Kusuri Powder Gold Blanketweed Eradicator
Kusuri Powder Gold has replaced Kusuri Eco Gold which has now been repackaged to fall in line with EU legislation and enforced by the HSE.The Kusuri Powder Gold, is a one off treatment that can be used at all temperatures to eradicate string algae and blanketweed.Effectively eradicates String Algae
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Kusuri Eco Pure
Kusuri Eco PureKusuri Eco Pure Inhibits blanket weed, flocculates particle matter, increases water clarity, degrades sludge.Since Kusuri launched this product over five years ago the response has been overwhelming!.Eco Pure is a biological product that has beneficial strains of denitrifying bacteria
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Kusuri Liquid Gold
Kusuri Liquid Gold is suitable for ponds containing fish and plants and effectively eradicates string algae and blanketweed.The Kusuri Liquid Gold is for amateur use against algae in garden ponds with capacities of less than 25,000 litres and which do not have outlets to watercourses.DIRECTIONS FOR
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