Kusuri Eco Pure
Kusuri Eco Pure
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Kusuri Eco Pure

Kusuri Eco Pure Inhibits blanket weed, flocculates particle matter, increases water clarity, degrades sludge.

Since Kusuri launched this product over five years ago the response has been overwhelming!.

Eco Pure is a biological product that has beneficial strains of denitrifying bacteria bio-fixed to a dense powder catalyst.

Kusuri Pure added weekly will reduce blanket weed by reducing its' food source. Bacteria coat the blanket weed, starving it of food - this will initially break up long strands.

Every pond is different! In some ponds Eco Pure can work in 2 weeks, most ponds can take 4 - 8 weeks.

Dosage: Use cup supplied in container, add 1or 2 heaped cups (50grms approx) per 1000 gallons of pond water, mix measured quantity into a bucket of pond water Stir, then apply around edge of pond area, every week. Ensure all powder and granules are added to pond

Use Eco Pure early in the season - do not wait for it to grow, in other words use it in a regular preventive approach.

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