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Pond Vacuums

Good pond maintenance is an essential requirement for keeping healthy fish.

Koi Zone Supply a selection of Pond Vacuums for pond maintenance to help keep your pond clean and healthy.

There are always things to do to keep your pond healthy & attractive.

But particularly in spring & autumn you must clear the pond of excessive plant remains and vacuum sludge out, in order to maintain the biological balance.

Nets can help keep the water free of falling leaves.

Our range of pond vacuums are ideal for this purpose.
Our Products
Pond Cleaning Brush Pond Cleaning Brush to help keep your pond free of algae and grime. This rugged Pond Cleaning Brush is specially molded with rounded corners and no sharp edges. Perfect for use on concrete, fiberglass, or liner pools. Thick, bristles remove the most stubborn dirt & sta...
Pond Lay Flat Hose - Backwash Hose Pond Lay Flat Hose is a heavy duty discharge Lay Flat hose which has been contructed of a high-grade blue PVC. Size Available - Lay Flat Hose 38 mm Dia x 7.6 m (1.5 inch x 25 ft) Lies flat for easy roll up when not in use....
Pond Leaf Rake - Bag Net Pond Leaf Rake - Bag Net is a professional quality leaf rake features a super-strong, yet lightweight frame that will not bend or break and a no-mark finish that protects your pond walls. Pond Leaf Rakehas a extra-large leaf grabbing bag which is made of a durable, sun and ...
Pond Leaf Scoop - Flat Net Pond Leaf Scoop -Are a flat Net which are built to last, enjoy years of use from this top quality leaf skimmer featuring a robust yet lightweight frame to protect the pond walls. Pond Leaf Scoop - Flat Net is made of a durable, sun and chemical resistant mesh that remove...
Telescopic Vacuuming Extension Pole Vacuuming Extension Pole comes in two sizes a 4 ft - 8 ft and the popular 6 ft - 12 ft and is of exceptional quality and functionality. Enjoy years of use from this professional quality telepole featuring an external cam constructed of high-quality anodized alu...
kockney koi full arm pond gloves
These Kockney Koi Full Arm Pond Gloves provide a pair of waterproof pond gloves with an elasticated sleeve to protect clothes which are perfect for handling pond equipment and maintaining aquatic plants.