The TMC Pro Clear Ultima UV & TMC Pro Clear UV Clarifiers were the first pond UV s put onto the market for eradication of suspended algae in ponds.

These Pro Clear UV Clarifiers have been modified and improved over the years and are still the acknowledged leaders in their field.

TMC UV Clarifiers standard range are totally weatherproof and come complete with universal hosetails which are translucent to indicate when UV is on.
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TMC Pro Pond - 110 Watt UV
The TMC Pro-Pond 110 watt UV is designed for large ponds, incorporating Bubblebead, Polygeyser, Nexus Eazy 300These Pro-Pond 110 watt UV's can be used for pressurised systems up to 56psi.The Pro Pond 110 watt UV has 2" solvent weld inlet and outlet ports and may be connected to either flexi
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TMC Pro-Clear Ultima UV
The new model TMC Pro Clear Ultima combines the excellent quality of the Advantage and Ultra UVC models with extra flexibility from the 45 degree rotating hosetails!A TMC UV Clarifier is an effective chemical free way to control green water in larger garden ponds, designed in green and black to be u
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