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kockney koi silicone sealant applicator gun
Kockney Koi Silicone Sealant Applicator Gun
These Kockney Koi Silicone Sealant Applicator Guns provide an easy to use medium duty sealant gun for use with 290ml and 310ml cartridges.
aqua forte super-strong fix & seal
Aqua Forte Super-Strong Fix & Seal
Aqua Forte Super-strong Fix & Seal is a high quality permanent elastic glue & sealer.
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Wet R Dry Solvent Cement
The Wet R Dry is a Medium bodied, extremely fast setting, PVC cement for all classes and schedules of rigid and flexible pipe through 6" diameter interference fit, Schedule 80 through 4" diameter.Specially formulated for applications where conditions are very wet and/or when quick pressuri
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Solvent weld Pipe Cleaner
Solvent weld Pipe Cleaner ideally used for cleaning all pipework and fittings prior to being welded together with Solvent Weld Adhesive.Solvent weld Pipe Cleaner will help remove all traces of dirt and grease ensuring a good joint every time.Sizes: 125mls & 1 Litre BottleIMPORTANT: Use this prod
PTFE Thread Sealing Tape
A standard grade thread seal tape of nominal thickness 0.075mm and density 0.4-0.5 g/cc, manufactured from 100% pure, virgin P.T.F.E. and containing less than 0.1% residual lubricant. Ideal for BSP fittings and suitable for use on hot and cold water systemsPTFE Thread Sealing Tape is a toolbox essen
Silver Label Aquarium Silicone
The Silver Label Aquarium Silicone has a special formulation for fish tank construction and/or repair. Adheres to dry, clean and grease-free glassSpecially formulated for Fish Tank Construction / Repair.Bonds all materials even under water:Non ToxicSolvent FreeEasy To UseAvailable In Clear & Bla
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Polyflex Polyurethane sealant
Polyflex Polyurethane Sealant 310 mls
This Polyflex Polyurethane sealant is a one part moisture curing polyurethane sealer which stays elastic when dry and is ideal for use to seal surfaces permanently exposed to water.It is therefore ideal for sealing round pipe joints and flanged fittings such as bottom drains in liner ponds.It is als
Gold Label Underwater Sealer
This Gold label Underwater Sealer will do exactly what the name says, it is remarkable and it will seal everything and everything, stainless steel to stainless steel, it will stick steel to plastic, plastic to wood, wood to stone, stone to plastic and what’s more as the name suggests it can be
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Arbosil 1081 Silicone Sealant 310 mls
This Arbosil Silicone is a foodsafe grade sealant, 100% silicone forms a waterproof seal between liner and skimmer or Aquafalls. Comes in a squeezable tube for easy application.The Silicone is a One-part Acetoxy Cure Silicone Sealant, which cures rapidly on exposure to moisture vapour to form a resi
Polypipe Solvent Cement
The Polypipe Solvent Cement suitable for most types of plastic pipefor jointing UPVC, MUPVC and ABS products.Clean contacting surfaces with a Pipe Cleaner before applying Cement. When applied do not disturb joint for at least 10 minutes. Final set 12 hours, then test as required after 24 hours.Pol
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