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Aquaforte DM Vario S Pond Pump
Aquaforte DM-Vario Pond Pumps are a new series of controlled pumps for a very interesting price!The DM-Vario pumps are suitable for outdoor use and can be installed both wet and dry.With the remote controller, you can control the flow (and thus power) of 30% to 100%.Also, the controller can turn on
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Ecomax - O-Series Filter Pumps
These Pond Pumps are competitive priced.AquaForte Ecomax Pond Pump range are dirty-water pumps for water gardens, waterfalls, fountains, filters, etc.These Ecomax Pond Pumps will pump solids up to 6mm.The Pond Pumps are also suited for dry application (inlet must be under water level). Ecomax 0 - Mo
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Ecomax P Series High Pressure Pond Pumps
These High Pressure pond Pumps are Suitable for both horizontal and vertical use.The P series High Pressure Pumps have an extra strong head pressure.A High Pressure Pond Pump that are competitively priced.ThePond Pump range, are dirty-water pumps for water gardens, waterfalls, fountains, filters, et
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Ecomax O Series Plus Filter Pumps
The Ecomax O-Plus Series pond filter pumps are very energy efficient and innovative electronics!Aqua Forte Ecomax pond pumpsare Virtually silent. No copper parts and equipped with a wear-resistant ceramic shaft.The pump switches off automatically when there is no water in the rotor. By blockage of t
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Aqua Forte O-Plus Vario Pond Pump
These AquaForte O-Plus Vario Pond Pumps have been specially developed for immersion in the pond under water. The 0-Plus Vario pump can be controlled in 22 stages via the external control unit and can be switched on or off using the start / stop button. With the external controller, you can adjust th
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