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kockney koi pond medic plus filter bacteria new formula
Kockney Koi Pond Medic Plus Filter Bacteria New Formula
Kockney Koi Pond Medic Plus Filter Bacteria New Formula Contains live bacteria.
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Evolution Aqua PURE Filter Start Gel
Evolution Aqua PURE+ Filter Start Gel is a live, concentrated bacteria culture for use in pond filters. The gel based solution will adhere to your filter media. PURE+ Filter Start Gel contains friendly, nitrifying bacteria. Once the media has been coated with the gel, the bacteria and enzymes get to
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Active Mix Bio - 2 Litre Box
Active Mix Bio - 2 Litre Box
Active Mix Bio - Biological harmony in your pondActive Mix Bio fron Air Aqua is a combination of substances including photosynthetic and lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and trace elements. This combination has a positive impact on the natural balance and biological life resulting in a perfect equilibri
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Absolute Pearls - Pond - Cloverleaf
Absolute Pond Pearls from Cloverleaf are a natural product designed to help maintain a healthy pond environment. Cloverleafs Absolute Pond pearls contain a combination of millions of microscopic nitrifying bacteria and bio active enzymes which rapidly break down any elevated and harmful levels
Cloverleaf Absolute Bio-Gel
Cloverleaf Absolute Bio-Gel comprises of millions of live bacteria especially developed for the start up and maintenance of all biological filtration systems through nitrification .The Absolute Bio-Gel has been developed for use in filter systems the gel formula allows bacteria to adhere to filtrati
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