Water Purification > Rechargeable Inline Dechlorinators
These Inline Rechargeable Purification units have been specifically developed for koi keepers but are of great benifit to all forms of fish keeping.The units will improve tap water before it comes into contact with fish & filters by eliminating many of the harmful substances in our water.

These units are filled with very high grade activated virgin carbon granules, each granule is honeycombed with holes & crevices, these collect & neutralize/remove harmful subsances.

Removes: Chlorine, Chloramines, Trihalethanes, Trichloroethylene, Organics,Pyrethrum & Herbisides ect.

Units must be mounted vertically - Inlet via hosetail on top return via hosetail at bottom - Recommended that back washing to be done on regular basis to help maintain maximum efficiency of these units.

Note: These units must be removed and not left out in extreme weather conditions ie frost.

These units can be recharged ( carbon replacement kit available from us) by removing the inlet only & removing stem then replace the old carbon.