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Yamitsu UV Replacement Electrics
These Yamitsu Algae Master - Electric Pack Complete are the same shape and size that is factory fitted to the Yamitsu UV.These are a replacement pack that replaces all the electrical components on the Yamitsu UV 'sContents of the Spare Replacement Yamitsu Electrics CompleteOuter waterproof box w
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Yamitsu Ultra Violet Quartz Sleeves
Yamitsu - Algae Master UV Quartz Sleeve is the outer glass sleeve that seperates the water flowing through a UV unit and the electrical lamp inside the UV unit.It is very important to maintain the quartz sleeve on a yearly basis, maintenance should include removing the quartz sleeve from the UV unit
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Yamitsu Algae Master UV - Spare O Ring x 1
Yamitsu Spares - UV 'O' Ring Seals these 'O' Ring Seals go over the outside of the quartz sleeve and should be replaced when adding a new quartz sleeve.These seals become brittle with time and need to be replaced at least once a year to avoid water bypassing the seal and coming in to
Yamitsu Algae Master - Electrical Bulb Holder
Yamitsu Algae Master Replacement electrical bulb holders for all sizes of Yamitsu and TMC UV.The first image shows the 6/8/11 watt bulb holder and the second image shows the 15/25/30/55/110 watt bulb holder.Note:Dont forget you need to order two for each U.V ...
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Yamitsu Spares - Electrical End Cap Cover x 1
Yamitsu UV Electrical End Cap Cover are used to cover the bulb holder on each end of all Yamitsu Uvs.The electrical end cap covers can become brittle over time and will almost certainly need replacing at some point through out the life of the UV unit.Note:Sold in singles, 2 requied for each UV....
Yamitsu Algae Master UV Replacement Body
Yamitsu Algae Master UV replacement body comes with nothing else included, just the body only.If your existing Yamitsu Algae Master UV body is cracked or broken you can remove all the component parts from it and put them on this new replacement body. Note: This is the body only - NO other parts are
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