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The Velda Pond Skimmer helps remove floating debris, protein foam and dust from the surface of your water.

An important but very often forgotten piece of equipment when it comes to pond construction is the Surface Skimmer - but don't panic VELDA have the answer.

Velda Pond Skimmer brand new and boxed floating skimmer which can be installed in minutes.

The Velda pond skimmer is designed to skim, or pull off floating debris, foam bubbles and dust from the surface of your pond by suction, giving the water a polished look.

The skimming action is created using an inbuilt 2000ltr pump which is attached to the skimmer.

The pump pulls the water and debris through a plastic mesh strainer basket where it can be simply rinsed and removed and then returns the water to your pond.

Main Features:
• The pump will clean water at a maximum flow rate of 8.8 gpm.
• Pump is 2000 lph and includes a 20-ft power cord (no plug).
• This skimmer will easily cope with ponds up to a 20m sq surface area and only uses 30w.
• The Skimmer measures 8" in diameter