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The Aquosis SK-1 Pond Skimmer is a floating pond skimmer that will adjust to the water level within the pond.

If your pond is not fitted with a surface skimmer then it will greatly benefit from the Aquosis SK-1.

Mounted on the poolside this unit will keep the surface of the water free of dust, oil film and leaf debris.

The benefits of this are a much greater uptake of dissolved oxygen, fewer suspended particles, less maintenance and better visibility.

How The Aquosis SK1 Works:

The Aquosis SK 1 Skimmer has two pipes which come verticaly out the pond, one is the suction which connects to the pump inlet, the other is the return from the pump. The image opposite clearly shows the inlet where the water enters the pond, this can be adjusted to give you the perfect flow direction.

The Aquosis SK 1 Skimmer has two pipe clips, which need fixing to the Coping stones this holds the skimmer in place. The vertical pipes you can see may be cut if required, or can be extended using Straight Unions if needed, two 90 degree bends are also supplied with the unit.

Push the 90 degree bends on to the vertical flow and return pipes, insert the two short lengths of pipes supplied in to the bends. Cut these pipes to the required lengths and then secure in place by using the pipe clips.

Before glueing make sure that all pipework is cut to the required lengths. We even supply you with the glue!

The Aquosis SK 1 Pond Skimmer comes complete with the hose tails or unions as an alternative to glue on to the open end of each horizontal pipe.

The returning water can pass through a filtration system or directly via the skimmer to the pond. This creates a current for your koi and moves the surface water to maximise the skimmer's efficiency.
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