Pond Pumps > Forza Vario 8000 Variable Flow Pond Pump
The Forza Vario 8000 Pond Pump has the advantage that you can control the power consumption of your Pond pump.

The Forza 8000 control unit enables you to have full control the amount of power the pump consumes. Once Forza Vario pump is running, the display will show the actual power consumption (wattage).

The Vario 8000 has been developed specifically for the transportation of large amounts of water at a low pressure. Its thanks to the 8000's big impeller wings, that even heavily polluted water can be displaced easily (up to 10mm waste particles).

The high capacity makes the Forza ideal for filter systems or as a watercourse pump.

The Vario 8000 is suited for both wet and dry installation (under water level).

This pump has the extra advantage over other pumps and that is that you have control over the power consumption, and thus the capacity, to save even more energy in times you don’t need the maximum capacity (winter!).

The Forza 8000 pump consumes 25% less energy than a conventional pump.