Oase Filtoclear Set 30000 Pressure Pond Filters
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These Oase Filtoclear Set 30000 Pressure Pond Filters are a highly developed range of pressure filters designed with ease of use and quality filtration in mind.

Pond water is pumped into a sealed filter unit creating a pressure of up to 0.2 bar. This in turn means that water leaves the filter under pressure, allowing the water to be pushed up to a waterfall, unlike a conventional gravity return filter, which must always be positioned at the highest point of the system.

The Filtoclear 30000 Set pressure filter also has been designed with all the connections and major operating elements in the lid allowing the filter to be partly buried out of sight

Included Pond Pump: Aquamax Premium Eco 16000

Included Pond Filter: Oase Filtoclear 30000


UVC Wattage and Power Consumption:
55 Watts. 
Dimensions: 380 x 750mm (Dia. x H). 
Hose Size: 1 ½" , 2"
Power Cable Length: 5m 

System suitable for ponds with:

No Fish Stocks: 30000 Litres / 6600 Gallons
With Fish Stocks: 15000 Litres / 3300 Gallons
Koi Fish Stocks: 1650 Litres / 1100 Gallons


  • Pressurised Filter - Pressurised Outlet
  • Cleaning System - For ease of maintenance
  • Attach a hose to discharge waste into drain
  • Safety catch on tension ring
  • Bitron UVC Integrated clarifier
  • Complete Filtration Packages


  • Small dimensions, can be integrated into any garden landscape
  • Typically OASE: highest quality materials
  • Guaranteed clear water due to the ideal combination of mechanical, biological and UVC filtration in one system
  • The UVC rays reduce pathogens and flocculate algae cells thus allowing their removal from the water
  • The pressure created by the filter pump can be utilised to power a stream or waterfall
  • The Easy-Clean-Technology makes cleaning the filter simple!

The Filtoclear range embodies a new generation of pressure filters, which is unrivalled in respect of filter characteristics and operating comfort.

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