These Velda Floating Viewing Fish Sphere Dome's make koi / fish watching a unique experience, where you are able to interact and view your pond fish in 3D! As your fish are important to you, interaction is much more than just throwing a handful of feed into the pond. Children will enjoy viewing the fish in a magnified environment.

Therefore, for the best results, start by gaining fish interest in the new toy, by placing food into the sphere and including it in their daily routine. Plus, close observation is also an ideal way of examining your fish, checking that they are healthy and free of illnesses, disease or wounds.

The transparent dome can be cleaned with soapy water, whilst the cloth cover can also be washed out. However, during winter time, when temperatures are below 0°C, remove the Floating Dome from the pond, clean all parts and store it in a dry, frost free place.

Key Features:
• Stylish and original design
• Close observation of pond fish
• Viewing fish in a 3D experience
• Easier way to check fish health
• Easy to install
• Unique pond decoration
• The dome is supplied as a sphere and the action of turning it while it is in the pond forms a vacuum seal which automatically raises the water held within the sphere higher than the natural water line.

MEDIUM: Outer Ring measures 56cm diameter / Dome measures 36cm diameter
LARGE: Outer Ring measures 70cm diameter / Dome measures 46cm diameter