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Koi Zone supply a full range of Koi Bowls and Koi nets to suit all pockets, Koi Nets And Koi Bowls will be needed when handling koi or pond fish and when carrying out pond maintenance.

Koi viewing bowls and Koi Nets go hand in hand. Koi Zone supply a range of sizes just for this job.

The koi net and koi sock are essential pieces of the handling equipment to be able to catch your koi and then tranfer it to a koi bowl causing the koi the minimum of stress and damage.

The koi net should match the size of the pond and koi, if a koi is 20 inches then you want at least a 24 inch koi net. Pease make sure you purchase a net with a good sturdy pole as cheap flimsey poles will just bend with the drag once manouvering net through pond water.

As with above a koi bowl should be big enough for your koi.
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Superfish Pond Cover net with ground pegs/pinsThese Superfish pond cover nets helps to prevent, such as leaves, from entering your pond and polluting the water. It also protects your fish from herons and cats.Sizes available: 3 x 2m, 3 x 4m, 4 x 4m, 5 x 4m, 6 x 4m and 10 x 6m.Fine mesh (12mm).Flexib...