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The Yamakoshi Trilogy - dvd
Nishikigoi Existence - The Yamakoshi Trilogy is a series of 3 programmes filmed on location in Niigata, Japan, over a period of 18 months and many trips. It follows the lives of some of the greatest masters of Koi ever, from in-depth interviews, through the fascination culling process, to the pinnac
Project Koi Pond - dvd
Koi Carp are, without doubt, some of nature's most beautiful and fascinating fish, truly unique in the animal kingdom. However, to successfully enable Koi to develop and grow to their full potential, they require certain and fairly specific conditions.This programme follows a team of professiona...
Hands On Health Care For Koi DVD
The Hands On Health DVD Synopsis: Over the course of this programme Bernice Brewster, one of the UK's leading Koi experts, shows not only how to maintain a health pond and healthy Koi, but also how to both recognize and treat a parasite attack, should one occur.Throughout this intensive, one hou
Breeding Koi the Japanese Way
The NEW VISION Production team has a track record of Koi programming that speaks for itself, but even by their high standards this is a remarkable look into the incredible process of creating high class Koi. For anyone with a desire to understand more about the fascinating culture of Nishikigoi, thi