Japanese Watertight Koi Sock / Transfer tube
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These Watertight Koi Socks or "Transfer Tubes" are one of the most essential nets that you as a Koi keeper can ever have.

These Watertight Koi Socks are an absolute must for those wanting to move their koi safely with out damaging your koi.

Just for those koi hobbiest that may be unsure of the exact purpose of these special and strange looking Koi socks, they are used to lift the Koi safely from the koi pond or koi bowl and allows you to transfer that Koi without causing damage, without the danger of dropping it, to another tank, pond or bow as we all know those koi are very slippery buggersl.

The following procedure is the correct way to use a Watertight koi sock:

The Koi is netted head first, if possible, into the koi sock and pulled along over the Koi and a nominal amount of water until the Koi, or any other fish, is safely inside and then it just a matter of gripping the end of the tube so that the fish or water does not drop out of the other end, as this end is open, and lifting it clear of the water and taking it to where you wish to place the koi. Then it is a very simple matter of holding the net using the handle over the water to where it is being transferred allowing the open end of the net to hang into the water and releasing your grip, the koi will then gently slide out of the open end.

Size: - 48 inch - 120 cms

Japanese Breeders and Dealers are now opting to use these kind of Transfer Tube as there is less risk of damaging the koi being moved.

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