Delta Bio-Uv 58 for ponds up to 3200 gallons
Delta Bio-Uv 58 for ponds up to 3200 gallons
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The Delta Bio UV 58 Ultraviolet's series of UV sanitizers is ideal for ponds upto 3200 gallons and have been designed specifically for small swimming pools, ponds, water featuresand spas,

There are four different models to the Delta Bio Uv range in three different Series, these units can be used in applications where the circulation systems have a water flow ranging from 6 gallons per minute (23 LPM) to 69 GPM (261 LPM).

The Delta Bio Uv 58 systems have a variety of exclusive features not found elsewhere at this price level.

A stainless steel mounting base and the unionized inlet/outlet piping makes physical installation easy to accomplish using common tools.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, electrical connection is accomplished with the supplied flexible power cord and plug. (Overseas units are supplied with a blunt end power cord to EU specifications)

All units bear the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. label for US and Canada, the CE mark, as well as the required EPA manufacturers certification mark.

All models in the Series feature 100% Electronic ballasts housed inside an easily removable plastic electrical enclosure.

Inside the enclosure you will find a pressure switch that automatically controls the ON/OFF of the system whenever water stops flowing in the chamber. This exclusive feature protects the UV lamp from overheating and solarizing (discoloration) of the quartz tube and lamp when water is not flowing to cool the tube and lamp. Once the electrical enclosure top is removed, the re-lamping of the unit is a simple 2 minute job.

Model Watt Max. Flow Length Diameter Inlet/Outlet
Delta Bio Uv 30 for ponds upto 1500 gallons 30 3.6 m³/h 45 cm 7.62 cm 63 mm
Delta Bio Uv 58 for ponds upto 3200 gallons 58 7.5 m³/h 63 cm 7.62 cm 63 mm
Delta Bio Uv 58 for ponds upto 4400 gallons 58 10 m³/h 63 cm 10.16 cm 63 mm
Delta Bio Uv 80 for ponds upto 5500 gallons 80 13 m³/h 99 cm 10.16 cm 63 mm
Delta Bio Uv 90 for ponds upto 6600 gallons 90 15.6 m³/h 117 cm 10.16cm 63 mm

The long life lamp is rated at 9000 hours of continuous use (approx. 1 year).

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