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Penn Plax Aquarium Aquarium Nets
Penn Plax Infra Red Aquarium Nets are ideal as you can see the net, but your fish may not! Works on a very basic scientific principle - the red end of the light spectrum does not penetrate water very far. As a result, most fish are not very sensitive to infrared and red light. Nylon quick mesh enabl
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Fish R Fun Aquarium Nets
Floating Aquarium Fish Net, patented floating design, made of durable plastic, no rusting issue, plastic frame design to prevent the mesh from damage.Available in 3 Sizes‚Äč...
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Boyu aquarium net trap for breeding.
Boyu aquarium net trap for breeding.2 layers system provides immediate quarantine for new born fry from their mothers.Also suitable for isolating injured or agressive fish.6 suction cups included for easy attachment in aquarium.Easy assembling.Size: Approx 14x14x25cm...
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