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Winter Pond Covers

Winter Pond Covers
Winter Pond CoversWinter Pond CoversWinter Pond CoversWinter Pond Covers

Once the winter months are upon us, why not insulate your Koi pond to help maintain a higher water temperature.

The fitting of a tailored Winter Pond Cover will help , even if your pond is not heated these can help maintain warmer temps.

Koi Zone can supply you with a 400-micron heat retention cover. These are manufactured to suit your pond and will allow a minimum of 85% UV penetration.

The cover is fitted with a reinforced edge and is available with draining holes, a choice of secure fixing systems and are available with support straps to span large distances.

Manufactured to fit your pond no matter what shape or size!

The area between the cover and the pond water`s surface will retain heat in the same method as a greenhouse.

Please contact us for a quotation with an indication of size required and fixings.

Solar Winter Pond Covers can be securely fixed to concrete, stone or brickwork using a strap and buckle system or paired eylets with elastic cord together with the use of an expanding anchorage system which can be capped when the cover is removed. Alternatively covers can be fixed in place in lawns/earth with the use of eyelets and galvanised stakes or using eyelets, straps and/or stakes. The eyelets can also be used where a fixing to wood is required.

For the most cost-effective cover best to keep the shape as simple as possible. For more difficult shapes it may be necessary to use a template.

Please email or call with pics and sizes for quote - info@koi-zone.co.uk or call 07732 040075

Winter Pond Covers
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