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FOK Bio Factor VL

FOK Bio Factor VL

After a period of time, harmful bacteria and pond weeds will often grow in the pond water or in the mud at the bottom of fish ponds. These harmful bacteria and weeds normally affect the water quality and oxygen levels in the water. As bacteria levels increase they can have an adverse effect on fins, skin and general health of the Koi. All of this is compounded by the daily excrement of natural fish waste further adding to the imbalance of good water quality.

Scientific research has highlighted that this special clay material will naturally encourage the growth of "beneficial bacteria" which will eradicate high levels of these less desirable bacteria and reduce growth of the pond weeds.

So it is not difficult to recognise, without regular maintenance the water environment will quickly deteriorate and fish will suffer from poor health, poor appetite, disease and slow growth.

Instructions and Usage:

Mix powder with a small quantity of pond water until the entire contents are dissolved in to the water. Pour this mixture slowly into the pond or filtration area. The water will take on a cloudy appearance but will quickly clear in a day or so.

  • For general improvement, apply 50grams per 10 tons of water (2200 gallons). Once daily.
  • When Koi are suffering from scale and fin diseases, apply 100 grams to 120 grams per 10 tons of pond water (2200 gallons). Twice daily.
  • When Koi are in poor health, apply 100 grams to 120 grams per 10 tons of pond water (2200 gallons). One to three times daily depending on the condition of the fish.

Other benefits: blanketweed reduction and helps make your water sparkle.

50 grams treats 2200 gallons

FOK Bio Factor VL - 1.5 kgs
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