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Silica Sand Filter Media

Silica Sand  Filter Media

The Silica Sand is specially graded marine sand and is guaranteed to contain a high percentage of algal oolites. The algal oolites are highly porous and provide a perfect habitat for de-nitrifying bacteria. Due to their uniquely porous nature, oolites can house several hundred times more bacteria than crushed shell or calcium based rocks i.e dolomite gravel.

In simple terms, the marine sand will mature very quickly and remain relatively stable.Tropical Marine Sand should be lightly rinsed in fresh water before being introduced to the aquarium. Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums.

Tropical Marine Gravel is carefully graded to obtain a uniform grain size and colour. It has a highly porous structure which makes it an ideal biological filter medium, especially when used in conjunction with mechanical filtration. It should be noted the Tropical Marine Gravel has equal buffering capacities to calcium or Dolomite gravel, but its larger surface area makes it the ideal choice where a buffering and biological substrate is required.

Silica Sand Filter Media - 25 kgs
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