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WaterCo Digiheat Inline Electric Pond Heaters

WaterCo Digiheat Inline Electric Pond Heaters

WaterCo Digiheat inline electric pond heaters are a very versatile, easy to use and are built to last. Just Program your desired water temperature and let Digiheat do the rest. Digiheat electric heaters incorporate the latest technology, advanced composite materials and inbuilt safety devices for long lasting dependability. Digiheat heaters are easily installed on the floor*, wall or along pipe work.

  • Streamline non corrosive, uv stabilised housing.
  • Digital temperature display & self-diagnosis.
  • Simple 4 button programming.
  • Built-in over temperature safety sensor to prevent overheating.
  • Adjustable pressure switch to suit individual installation requirements.
  • Polymer coated incalloy heating element for improved corrosion resistance.
  • Quick connect unions for ease of installation and maintenance
Waterco Digiheat - 2.4 kW
£ 399.00
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Waterco Digiheat - 3.6 kW
£ 429.99
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Waterco Digiheat - 4.8 kw
£ 469.99
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Waterco Digiheat - 6.0 kw
£ 619.99
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