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Thermostats/ Digistats and Probes

Elecro - Pond -Smart  Controller

Elecro - Pond -Smart Controller

The Pond -Smart Controller from Elecro is an intelligent pool control system that will allow you to control and maintain your pool to the perfect temperature as economically as possible. The Complete Control Solution For: Electric Heaters Heat Exchangers Heat Pumps Circulation...(click on product image for more details)
Proline Digstat Controler

Proline Digstat Controler

The Proline digistat comes with 3 mtr probe, Proline Stat has a 3 Digit LED Display Set Temperature Range can be set from 0 to 30 Enclosure Rating - IP56 These Happen to be one of the best digistats on the market today.
Proline Plug and Go Digstat Controler 13 amp

Proline Plug and Go Digstat Controler 13 amp

These Proline Plug And Go Digistat Controlers are one of the best pond heating controllers on the market today. The Pro-Line Digi-Stat is a very reliable digital thermostatic controller for use with any temperature dependant equipment such as boilers, heater elements or motorised valves. The stat...(click on product image for more details)