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Hailea G8000 UV Pond Filter

Hailea G8000 UV Pond Filter

The Hailea G8000 Pond Filter with built in UV is pump fed filter with a 1 1/2" threaded hose adaptor.
The plastic filter is a two bay type, water flows in through the top into the 11 watt U/V.


  • First filter bay has bio sponge cube.
  • Second filter bay has bio plastic balls and bio sponge.
  • A - 2" return flow at the top of the filter as picture shows.
  • At the base there is a 1" drain/plug


  • UV :- 9W
  • Max Flow: 4000 l/hr
  • Max Pond Size: 8000 litres

Fitting size: 1, 1 ¼ and 1 ½.
Filter Media: Bio Foam & Bio Plastic Balls
Size: 330 x 450 x 500mm High Approx.

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Hailea G8000 UV Pond Filter
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