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Bacta Pur Lithaqua

Bacta Pur Lithaqua

The Bacta-Pur Lithaqua is a marine mineral with a high content of minerals, trace elements and carbonates. It brings these into your pond and thereby adjusts the mineral balance and improves the water quality.

Use Lithaqua as pond substrate for bacteria to grow on and for fish to play in, or use it as a filter medium.

Modern multi-chamber filters today contain mainly plastic media. These are excellent supports for bacteria but they do not add anything to water quality. It is important to fill at least one filter chamber (normally the last chamber) with Bacta-Pur LITHAQUA.

It provides an enormous surface area for bacteria (10 to 20 times more than most plastic filter media) and provides the bacteria with essential nutrients.

Bacta-Pur LITHAQUA neutralises acid pH and helps to restore carbonate alkalinity.

Bacta Pur Lithaqua 10 kgs
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Bacta Pur Lithaqua 25 kgs
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