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Pond Filter Media Pond Filter Media of different varieties are suitable for use in large or small pond filters all supplied via Koi Zone.

Pond filter Media

The pond filter media doesn’t last forever and not all filter material is created the same. It is for that reason we carry a variety of pond filter material such as filter pads, bio balls, activated carbon, zeolite and even concentrated nitrifying bacteria. These products are designed to improve and maintain the performance of your pond filter to help keep your pond clean and healthy. These filter media products are used to achieve better mechanical, biological and chemical filtration in all types of pond filters.

Filter pads are used to trap debris and other floating and suspended particles before they can break down, while the bio balls provide excellent surface area and breeding ground for beneficial pond bacteria to establish to help biologically break down organic waste and help reduce ammonia and nitrites. Activated carbon can be used to filter our inorganics like dyes, medications and even dissolved organics such as tannins from leaves and bark that create tea colored water and zeolite is a another level of pretection against ammonia as it will absorb ammonia ions, therefore removing it from the water. Both products are also beneficial in speeding up nitrification and helping establish beneficial pond bacteria.