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Filter Media Sacks

Filter Media Sacks

These Filter Media Sacks are very useful to aid to bagging up, Flocor or Alfagrog. You may even soak k1 (Kaldnes) in these Media sacks to help seed the media up!

The Filter Media Sacks are made from a plastic resin base, they are very strong and are ideal for all filter media these sacks can be fully submerged without degrading of the material.

Designed with a draw cord for quick sealing.

These media sacks are the ideal solution for gaining simple access for periodic cleaning to the filter contents. and is capable of holding 2 cu.ft of Flocor for instance.

Size: 32" x 21" (81cm x 53cm approx)

Filter Media Sacks 32-in. x 21-in. x 1 Sack
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Filter Media Perforated Sheet

Filter Media Perforated Sheet

The Filter Media Perforated Sheets are ideal to convert multi bay filters to run Crystal Bio submerged or K1, K3 or BioCell moving media's. Filter Media Perforated sheet is easily cut to suit the size...(click on product image for more details)
Pond Filter Media Support Grid

Pond Filter Media Support Grid

These Pond Filter Media Grids can be cut or joined to suit any filter. Most customers will use these grids to support media such as Flocor and Alfagrog Size: 68cm (27") x 40cm (16")